Shotgun Blues | A short sci-fi one shot.


Jotunheim | This was supposed to be a much longer space opera epic. Never got further than four pages. I hope to return to it some day.


Brandrigan | A sword and sorcery one shot about a barbarian woman. Kind of dedicated to messrs Frank Frazetta and Ronnie James Dio, who both sadly passed away during the time I worked on it. Published in the Swedish comic magazine Utopi. Slightly not safe for work, by the way.


A Song of Spring and Honey Wine | Another Brandrigan story, made originally for an anthology of Swedish erotic comics called Swedish Comic Sin. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), not remotely safe for work. Also published in Utopi.


Strips | Some samples from a series of strips I made for the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. If you don't know Swedish you won't understand them. If you do know Swedish you probably won't understand them anyway.


Pork Horse | I don't even know. School assignment.




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