Drakar och Demoner: Trudvang | Work done for the Swedish fantasy RPG by Riotminds. Takes place in a setting heavily inspired by norse mythology, old folktales and viking sagas.

Götterdämmerung | Some of my work for the Swedish RPG by Riotminds. A game focused on investigating mysteries and fighting horrors from the world's dark places in the 18th century. A bit NSFW.

Eon | Some of the illustrations for the new edition of Eon, another Swedish fantasy RPG, by Helmgast. Its world is a more gritty one in the vein of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones.

Glorantha | A couple of my illustrations from The Guide to Glorantha, the massive lore tome for the classic RPG setting, created by Moon Design.

Mongoose Publishing | A sample of stuff I've made for RPGs by Mongoose Publishing, including the new version of their sci-fi classic, Traveller.

Paizo Publishing | A few of the illustrations I've made for their RPG, Pathfinder.

Super Genius Games | Some of the work I've done for their RPGs.

Paradox Interactive | Work done for the video game company.

SydCon 2010 | Poster and merchandise designs I made for a gaming convention in southern Sweden.

Fenix | Stuff made for and/or appearing exclusively in the Swedish game magazine, Fenix. 

Apps | Some of the stuff I've made for an educational smartphone and tablet app aimed at children and parents.

Miscellaneous work | Various things, most of them personal work.

Sketchbook | Various sketches, unfinished things and works in not very much progress at all.